Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Terreal Malaysia Annual Dinner

Thank you Terreal Malaysia for having me

This is annual dinner event held in Boulevard Hotel Mid Valley. Wonderful view at the swimming pool side. The environment is good. As you can see from the photo, Triton Lim normally draw with easel stand. He never draw on table. Drawing on table almost liked interview people. These should not happened on live caricature artist.

Memorable gift for VIP guests

While enjoying chit-chat with others department staffs. Triton Lim Artist, caricature artist Malaysia, is busy with caricature drawing for the guests. As usual, some may not know what is "caricature". Some is love it so much to have in annual dinner. One each hand drawing artwork piece bring home for those drew by Triton. Such memorable moment.


一年一度的公司晚宴,少不了娱乐性节目,现场似颜绘更是其中之一。有的惊喜、有的大笑、有的纷纷感激等等,都是现场似颜绘的小小功劳。谢谢Terreal Malaysia的聘请。

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Best Solution: Drawing All Guests

Draw after event with photo snap & email copy

Most of time, client need all his staffs to have caricature draw each person one, on the event day (annual dinner, company event or others...). But there is a time limitation. Thus, the best solution is, Triton Lim Artist, advise draw after the event day/event show. Meaning, caricature draw based on photo given, which snap on that day. Everything by email.

After finish all caricature draw, we ship to the client destination. That's it. The best solution so far. We had done this method to Sabah client already. Twice.

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Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist: “很多时候,顾客要求全部员工都要有一张似颜绘作品。但是由于现场时间有限,所以只好在活动完毕后,每人补上个人照,透过在工作室补画,然后再邮寄给顾客。”这是目前唯一最好的解决方法。

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tokio Marine Insurance Malaysia

First time ever in Insurance event

Thank you for having me in your event program. First time ever Life Insurance Company Malaysia (Tokio Marine Insurance Malaysia) having Triton Lim Artist (Caricature Artist Malaysia) for live digital caricatures. I'm so touch with the company having such good care to the employee.

Live digital caricatures make surprise

This is good to have transformation from live caricature traditional to live digital caricatures. Everyone does surprise. How Triton Lim Artist turn a people face on tablet surface. Yes, it does need specific skills and talents. And huge investment too.

Air print with no wiring

While live digital caricatures, make everything easy and easy. No such heavy equipment need to bring along with. Everything tiny and compact. But have to extremely careful. Because tool equipment itself costly. After finish drawn one, straight away print it out with Air-Print features.


公司让自己员工有个难忘的时光,最好不过。感恩被特邀到Tokio Marine Insurance Malaysia进行数码似颜绘。时代进步,本行也得跟着时代进步。数码科技,很快又出新的科技来代替旧产品,非常快,也很可怕。

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tips & Advice – Caricature Artist Malaysia

Something must be Change!!

Since I started up career in caricature, until nowadays, the way event organizer approach caricaturist, the way client look for caricaturist, the way caricaturist given cheaper rates, they are NOT much changing since old time. What would you like to see in 5 years coming or 10 years coming?

I believe this is NOT a good healthy way to pursued any inquiry from prospect. If we keep NOT changing the old fashion way. They are huge disaster coming a way. So, Triton Lim, Caricature Artist Malaysia, sharing a youtube movie here, almost same case with caricature, hope enlighten you all.



Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kids Birthday Party

First Malay client ever in caricatures booking

Thank you the owner/client, appreciate so much. I believe we as Malaysian we know what happened to ours country caused tearing so many part in races issues. I believe a lot of citizen know what is going on in ours homeland. We know we have to make the right decision.

Respect and respect

Due client's event is privacy. We have to respect. What can show and what can't show to the public. Respect and respect. This is private kids birthday party, held in Red Box Karaoke, The Gardens Mid Valley. We managed to make it happened, all Malay guests are surprise what I drew. Different from the difference.

As what I can see now, 90% local caricaturist are from Malays. 10% are Chinese. 98% caricaturist doing the old traditional method handling caricature event booking cases. We have to change. Make brighter future. This is what Triton Lim Artist, Caricature Artist Malaysia believe.



Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Children’s House Kindergarten Sri Hartamas

Going back to childhood

Thank you The Children's House Kindergarten for second time invited me to your new branch opening. Great honor to present live digital caricatures for your guests. The first time opening event was at Cyberjaya.

Exploring surrounding

This is nice place. Piece. Far away from busy city. The area is big. Children love big space. I love this green little space at the corner here. There are more space at the upper level. Kinda cool for kid running here and there.

The moment a kid standing behind me

While I preparing setup everything. A kid standing behind me, wondering what am I doing here. "Ha..ha..." He is good. Standing quite.

Live digital caricature begin

When everything ready, kid parents start to sit down and get caricature drawn. This is a unique moment to get drawn while small. Some of them good in pose. Some is good in smiling. Some of them are from India, Japan, Korea, and local. The output is small, but it having a lot memorable memory at that moment.



Saturday, July 9, 2016

Oil Palm Company’s Annual Dinner Sabah

Traveling to Sabah

Thank you Cepatwawasan Group Bhd invited me to your company annual dinner. My honor been invited for second time for your company event. Preparation early in the morning. Travel along the way from Kuala Lumpur to Sabah.

Immediately straight to the venue

The Sabah airport had been upgrade, since my last time here. Happy to experience International standard airport feeling now. Accommodation always prepared early for the artist in this way. Four Points by Sheraton Sandakan, is the good view. Facing to the beach.

Event held in Hotel Sheraton Sadakan

This is been told a bit difference in caricature drawing. All guests have to ensure follow all the program inside the hall all the time. So, drawing caricature based on photo from the laptop. Piece outside, while crowd inside the hall.

Drawing based on photo at the spot

Basically live caricature, guests suppose to sit in front, so that artist can draw on spot, face to face. This bring much likeness compare drawing based on photo. At the same time, the happy moment, the laugh, the joy, happen on the same time on the spot. Triton Lim - Caricature Artist Malaysia, advice client for the good.



Sunday, June 19, 2016

Wedding Gift Caricature - Daphne's Son

A Wedding Gift Caricature For Hers Son Marriage In Overseas.

This is totally new simple elegant unique wedding gown for groom. New level of wedding gown design from my past commissioned order. The client has been contact me through email since almost a year ago. Until recently, she giving me this opportunity. Thank you Daphne.

Original Caricature Artwork Piece Courier to Overseas.

From the sketches to inking and water coloring. Every single step making the history to this new couple. I can see that bride's mom is very happy with theirs marriage. After done, the artwork send for framing. And delivery to overseas. Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist, work hard until current, where he always emphasis "What Is Caricature vs Portrait". And he do always let client know "The Difference Between Artist vs Designer". So that client can understand and follow his requirement.


Friday, May 27, 2016

The Difference Between Artist and Designer

What is the difference between Artist and Designer

In Malaysia, majority designer born to be accept command instructions from superior/clients. This giving more client push command order to the designer. Causing poor creative ideas in job environment. Some how it effects to local artist/caricaturist too, who receive order instruction from the client.

Let me tell you what is the difference between artist and designer:

  • Artist establish emotional feeling between the artwork with the audience. Designer create a piece with fixed idea, message, or an action to communicate people to do something.
  • Art is a taste of artist. Different artist variety taste. Design is an opinion. Opinion with same purpose at the end to the consumer.
  • Art create a different message to variety range of audience. Design send the same message to everyone to do something.

Somehow, most of the Malaysia artist/caricaturist, become following designer path. Many of them lost the fundamental being an good artist. They started generate a robotic artwork pieces to the client. This is not a healthy sign. If you are reading my post here, please be a good artist. Think about your future.

Triton Lim, Caricature Artist Malaysia. He refuse to follow client order instructions, rather than NOT been himself. He hope this will giving a good education lesson for clients and others caricaturist. Be yourself. Be yourself, an artist is.


Saturday, April 30, 2016

Blog to Official Website

From blogspot to official website. It’s not easy for a 0 background knowledge of CMS. Most of the blog post content transfer here, so some of the content layout is different here. It’s need time to rearrange & re-layout again. Sorry for the inconvenience here. If got any feedback, please write me email.

Feeling scare, lost, hopeless, sad, a lot a lot of negative energy surrounding. From hosting to cms, from learning the basic until now, from email answering with developer until now, every step got something happened. This is a journey of being learn everything by yourself. As long you wish to learn, then you will fine. Eventually, the final Official Website done. Being Caricature Artist Malaysia, is not easy. Especially when you are different from the different. A lot of pressure you need to face.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

TV2 Media Interview (Short Ver.)

After few years later, with the new technology, I make this video in short version. Thank you TV2 RTM Malaysia. I hope this video can give some inspiration to those who love caricature. Anyhow, wish Malaysia, will born a lot a lot of talent caricature artist Malaysia.

Full version here.

简短版的TV2访问纪录,live caricatures by Triton Lim Artist。经验的累计。实力增长。处事态度其变化。学习去适应。为一变化中的求生道路。

Monday, February 8, 2016

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Children's House Kindergarten Cyberjaya

Pre-School Opening

Actually this post I write at 2018 August, because I'm forgot it. Totally missed this event job where happened at The Children's House, Cyberjaya.

About The Kindergarten

One thing so cool about this pre-school is there are various of races here, local and foreigner. So this is big chance to know student from different background.

Thanks The Children's House having me here for your opening event. As usual, everyone love it. Kid laughing laughing. And adults too. Laughing at the back. This is caricature, where it might coming with tremendous exaggeration emotion faces. Instead a normal big head or portrait style.



Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Triton Lim Artist Official Website

Touching on new environment, everything could be scary. I almost give up. Hopeless too. Everyone have the first time experience, it could be very BAD. VERY BAD. But, is it the best in your life? It's not actually. You need to keep it up. Don't too easy be frustrated. Believe in yourself.

It is scared. Scare on everything, hosting, CMS, get support help through online and more. I told myself it will finish soon.‪ This is an experience of Triton Lim, Caricature Artist Malaysia.