Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hand Painting Mug for Fonterra

A gift to a Fonterra staff.
Hand painting on mug. Adorable. Gift for wedding couple as well. Or even good friend of you.
I been spend quite some time, before really head in to hand painting mug.
To study. Study material. Study drawing. To produced the good one.
Searching the blank mug. Searching the empty box. Searching the brush...

The color are permanent once baked. Resistant to dish-washing after baking too.
It took me one whole day to finish. Second day only can start for bake.
Totally it take a lot of time to finish one mug.

It totally different feel with the one using heat transfer method.
Hand painting on mug, give you more realistic. More valuable.
Which heat transfer mode can't offer you.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Polo Shirt for Boss

A Polo shirt for hers boss.
That's great. Great having me. Great challenging as well.
He came along the way from Banting to pick the Polo. Salute.
Previous shirt's job orders can preview here, Lydia Shum t-shirt, Grandma birthday t-shirt, Giodarnno custom make polo shirt...

Customize with minimum quantity. No many keen to do this kind of business.
Low demand. Higher cost. Some more have to look for good production and good man power.
If not. Things came out spoil.

Some people count it so well in budget. Some people count by heart.
Is it worth to present a gift like that? Depend on each person.
Open your mind always. You will find the light and path, about gift for a special one.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Gift for Nestle

Thanks PURINA PetCare having me.
After Measat gift. This is the second pieces of 20++ person in the artwork.
Unique A2 size caricature gift for the boss and all the staff in the department there.

You can see how many level of Nestle they own. Wow.
Each person group in one piece of drawing paper. More challenging and more fun.
How to mix people in. How to arrange those people in.
Each people can give each signification directly.
Only one piece in the world. Can you tell that how priceless is it.

She is the lady at the center bottom.
Photo given totally different with her, real person.
That's why I always need recent, high resolution and few angle of faces/posture photo for caricature drawing. What you given me, will come out what is the look like.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Piss Off Thief!!!

Unbelievable when someone stealing your stuff.
Hate! Hate this kind of person!! www.liveeventcaricatures.com
He even crop out my watermark copyright symbol. And used on his own goods.
Using my price chart even. Add more higher than my price.
He even don't know what is my material for canvas print. The thief just steal!!
That's why I only meet those who are sincere, true and respect art/artist only.

Below is the comments from all caricaturist in other countries. We all angry.
We work hard to earn money by ours own hand. Little by little.
You took easy and used for your own goods.
Not such things. This is not proper-act.
Even apologize on your website there. No use. This is wrong.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Box Easel, My Companion

How many caricaturist Malaysia using easel stand for drawing live caricature in events?
Anyone know?? Anyone...?? Anyone......???
What the difference drawing on the table and easel stand? Why??

This is my second companion for live caricatures.
I bring her along what ever events.
I brought her even fly to other countries.
It's heavy. It's beauty. Slim body. Complex. Useful. Handy.
Sure it's expensive.

Why you just drawing on table? Instead on easel stand?
"I leave these question to you all who are curious..."