Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Don't Believe Everything You Search On Google

No no no and Enough!

After experienced my HDD accidentally formatted by a local computer shop, which they are high ranking and high recommendation in Google search. I say to myself NO more fully believe everything from Google search.

4 years data just gone like that. What a un-responsibility computer shop. I urge people stay calm, stay clear in mind, and make the right decision before making any purchase.

I look back on my caricature, blog, website, you see how many people try to push on top in Google search ranking. For WHAT!! People can buy SEO. People can buy Google Ad and Google Ad-words. People can try play with Title slogan, "I'm The Best and The Best and The Best In The World". I don't think this is good.

It's business commercial strategy. Ya. It is the way attract people. Yay. It is the way promote yourself. Yes. It is the power you can play with content and capture people mind and tricking people. Tes. But for WHAT!! If you are NOT doing something right in reality.

不能完全100%相信Google Search

经过HDD资料瞬间被划为0的经验。够了!再也不能相信Google Search Ranking回事了。再也不能100%相信Google Search里头所谓的high recommendation, feedback, stars之类的了。有的服钱买SEO keywords。有的买广告登上榜位。有的靠回响、提示、网页主体之类等等的。很难捉摸清楚一个生意的可靠度。

怎么做出好的选择呢?Google search不能完全全信,但是搜查后,必须再次到实体店了解清楚,或者再次从某方面了解更多。不要匆忙下决定。花更多的时间搜索收集和了解,总得比花几分钟买下一样产品过后的后悔。