Thursday, December 25, 2014

TAR University College Inspiration Workshop

Thank you Serene. Thank you Edwin. Who been support very much. Thank you students who attend to this workshop. Thank you Tunku Abdul Rahman University College giving this opportunity. Enews from TAR.

More photo of the day can view here. A lot of University College Malaysia not really into Caricature knowledge or any caricature class. So sad. I wonder why Malaysia art college not intend try to bring in caricature as a main subject course.
Yeah...this is what really happen in Malaysia. This is what really happen since I started caricature careen until now. Who cares? Who care actually is? Yeah...but I wouldn't stop to make a such awareness to public. I hope who read this can take some time to think. Think about how this situation happen in Malaysia. Instead we always said others country so good so nice. Eventually we our self, ours country have problem already. Never solve it until now.

Try bring up your thought. Try bring up yourself. Try to be yourself. This is important to know yourself better, in this cyberworld century now. Time changing. Aging. Things fast changing too. But believe yourself, be the one who have a right bright heart since born.



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