Monday, October 20, 2014

Pilot New Brush Pen

In Malaysia, there are some bad symptom happen among customer and supplier. But who will care about this?

Ask for help. No feedback. Ask public for feedback. No respond.
After you find the resource, others competitor will come to snatch the source that you have. Why people behave like that? I really don't know. For what purpose you want to be like that? How long you can be like that so greedy.
Pilot Artist Brush Pen, brought in by Triton Lim Artist. Now is available order here. Pilot new brush pen, come with Synthetic hair tip. Ink cartridge refill. Soft and easy to control the value of stroke. Any inquiry can email me.

华人caricaturist不多,但就偏偏各个互不相干。一旦一方知道你有这样的赚钱方式,就跟着copy cat一起来偷抄。

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