Sunday, October 12, 2014

Live Caricature Baby Birthday Party at Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites Subang

Thank you Bee Theng having me for your baby birthday party. It's was happy moment for me. Great to know you too.

The birthday party held in the Palm Terrace Coffee House Restaurant in Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites Subang. In restaurant the light always yellow dark. Errmm...I don't know why. But good at least next time I should prepare something in my car. There were 2 party using the same coffee house, so it is crowd.

There are a lot of children here. Lot of family spouse too. Kids run here run there. I love the PoPo(gradma) with the baby one. That was Great I drew them in caricature. I hold my breathe to finish it. It's unbelievable moment. This is something photo shooting can't give you. Haha...
Kid always can not sit steal. Same time want to get draw. But don't want to sit steal. Happen all the time. I can see each family each event I go, there are a lot of difference. Some is full of love. Some is full of polite. Some is full of energy.

很高兴caricature,已慢慢让更多人对它的认识,至少是人生中一次邀请caricature artist来为你办live caricature。也是小孩们第一次的记忆。好好把它保存下来。也是我的荣幸。

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