Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Most Popular Gift Caricature Should Have for Boss

Thanks Crystal. Third time having me for your boss gift caricature. This is the building of her office. Near by Ikea Damansara PJ. Self delivery by myself every single of caricature artwork.

I feel thankful to her. Because of her. I produced the number 3 original water coloring caricature artwork for her boss. May be some body wouldn't know the meaning in between. May be some body only in charge for hire some one caricaturist to get paint. They don't care nice or not. Appreciate or not.

But for me, I do care every single details. What you draw, may not the caricature artwork on the paper. But true blood on the creative art caricature. True well feeling on the artwork. If you ask me which recommended? Digital caricature or Original Paint caricature? I more like on original paint.


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