Thursday, December 18, 2014

How to Charge Client for Your Caricature Work

Recently, ABC asking me, how do you price caricature commission work for your clients?
I asked ABC, are you the type of person, who work on confidence with your expertise. Or the type of person who work confidence just based on money number figuring offered?

Somehow this type of question is killing people. In office, staff don’t normally talk open salary amount to others colleague. Why? Because to avoid any conflict happen in between colleague. To avoid any jealousy/unequally feelings happen. Same situation happen in here.

Things to consider for your own way to make a charge:

1) How Confidence On Your Expertise.
You are full time. Or just doing freelance some sort of it. Doing/ drawing caricature easily without care any improvement. Without care the need and details of caricature. I just take any money whatever the customer offer. This count when you draw a caricature with your expertise. Having proper website, will count, how good the caricature artist put effort on it.

2) Value Based Pricing
  1. How Long To Finish A Order
    For Example: a client want a caricature order, you charge USD 100 per piece in 3 hours to complete, which would be reasonable price USD33 per hour. But if you charge USD 1000 for a piece of caricature in 3 hour to complete. Which would be USD330 per hour. Seem ridiculous.
  2. How Much Materials Will Cost
    The cost of materials. How much expenses you put on the drawing material. Even computer design software & computer hardware. Rental. Others expenses.

3) Don’t Be A Copy Cat
In this industrial, you have to be yourself. To be a unique person who would you represent your art in caricature. You have tell yourself, be a good caricature artist, you have to improve yourself. You have to be yourself. Not just simply copy others artist style. This will not going work for you in long term business environment. Honest to yourself always remember that. Do not steal others artist stuffs. This will make you suffer.

4) General Research Market Industrial
You may start to survey the industry market price. But this will only tell you the roughly figure in the market. You only get a general view of it. For me, there is no a standard price in this industrial. Every artist unique, using various drawing material, using various technique. So charge the price according yourself. Charge = experience + material + time

These all things that you need take into account when you quote a client. And do not simply answer/reply unknown email/sms/phone call. In case to protect yourself.

写blog,update social media,统统很吃时间。但是,如果你觉得,这是应该值得去做的,就应该做。别等。做给自己喜爱兴趣的自己。

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