Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gift Caricature OL Boss

Thanks Crystal having me for no. 4th time order. To drawing a unique gift caricature for your lady boss. Yes. Only one produce. And only one in life time. No more redrawing. No more reproduce. Only one. Review back the no. 3rd original caricature artwork piece here.

Everything can be happen during drawing caricature for this lady. Electricity blackout. No light. No PC. No modem. All black. Nothing can do. Blind. And the funny thing is, only few unit of my place blackout. Included mine. What a black day for me. Yea, this kind of situation happen. So that's why no recommended to run urgent order. In order to make sure every piece draw in standard. And this is water coloring caricature.

Anyway, I personal love this lady boss so much. Haha. See what I had turn her to caricature with a smart casual office styling dress. Everyone have theirs own unique and beauty. Do not shy to cover. Do not shy to hide. Let it go. While in my field, drawing with free mind is important. You have to let go the border of yours. Then can only step forward to beyond.


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