Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Live Caricatures Wedding Dinner The Gardens Hotel Mid Valley

Thanks TheOccasions having me for your client wedding caricature entertain. Thank you Ken G for such a good eyes on my work. Thank you Christina. Thank you Gabby & Mike (Bride & Groom) loving my work too.

This is my first time live caricatures in high luxury wedding dinner event. All guests all people are from Datuk Datin background. I was thinking here, inner of a person will determined a person look is. No matter you are rich and normal family background. One thing I do care, honest, sincere & caring. I don't care you are rich. I don't care you are pretty handsome. I care how we sincere each other.
Actually this is good experience for me. And then there are 2 caricature artist. Included me. The other one, drawing style different. This is how unique event organizer go look for others and mix with me. You can easily what is caricature is from there. Guests can having 2 different caricature style from us. This is fun part here.


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