Friday, November 14, 2014

Gift Caricature for AIG Malaysia

Thanks Mandy having me for your boss present. She had been looking me more than a years. Finally she's here. Thank you Mandy once again. Her's boss from AIG Malaysia. Come from Japan and work in Malaysia few years ago.

The most funny story is the tools I draw for this caricature, all from Japan. And I drawing caricature to a Japanese Boss. Haha...interesting right? And he are going fly back to Japan with my caricature artwork. Hahaha... Happy that Japan have my artwork there, caricature by Caricature Artist Malaysia, Triton Lim.
This is fine art print. High quality of fine art paper printing. Sure costly. High quality pigment ink. Coated paper. So the color more sharp. As you can see below, the left one, is print from normal digital printing shop. The right one, print for high quality printing shop. Where specializes in fine art paper print.

各个caricature artist有着不一样的风格。所以要谨慎选择才好。Order一幅画,不像平常订购/购买物品那样,不妥当可以退还。在这里,不能允许发生这样事情。

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