Sunday, August 24, 2014

Birthday Party in One World Hotel PJ

Thank you Elly having me live caricature in your kid birthday party. Wonderful afternoon time in One World Hotel PJ. Caricature draw for your relatives, friends and kids. Fun, laugh and tears happen among here.

I love this big family. All family member helping each other to decorate the birthday party feel. Amazing job. No need hire any decoration people for this task. Wonderful. Each of them family member are so close relationship. Warm & Love in between each other.
My "Baby" work for me so close. Without him, I don't know what to do. Important for caricaturist to have a easel stand for their own event tasks. Professional caricaturist should have at least one in life.



  1. Thank you for making my baby first birthday party more fun than we ever thought it could be.
    I am highly recommend you --- your caricature services for any celebratory gathering!

    1. Thank you Elly having me. Thank you. May the wonderful memory moment with you.


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