Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Caricature Journey In Malaysia By Triton Lim Artist: Episod 1

Story of Caricature Journey - Triton Lim Artist

I seldom share my caricature business experience for others actually. Not many. Only those I believe in. But end up something like betrayed. I don't know why artist who work at same line want to kill each other. Is it because "Money", "Benefit", "Reputation" or "Opportunity"? Thanks, finally I get this kind of experience.

Caricature Artist Malaysia

When a person from bright side turn to unhealthy side, mostly they will steal any secret you have. And use it with his/hers own. What for? Do you happy in this way?

Being a real Caricaturist, not because how good you are in media expose. Being a real caricature artist, almost like being a good inner Master Sifu. Being a real caricaturist, we can't simply said any big head or any similar figure faces is Caricature. No no no. This is totally wrong in business ethics. That's why Malaysia such a low caricature art culture. A very pure art, become something horrible, because of ours bad move.

I try to step down a bit. I try to hidden a way from Online. But who care. Who care I been betrayed. Especially in same line business nature, each other will take any change to crushed over you. Why why why? Do you happy when you get older?


因为一时的善意,换来虚假的人格。只求一时短暂的媒体曝光,只求得到更多的工作收入,一味催眠式困扰民众对似颜绘的知识。这样的你,所谓被誉为caricature artist malaysia,快乐吗?快乐吗?快乐吗?

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