Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How To Screenprint Hoodie At Studio Puchong - Triton Lim Artist | Screen Printer Malaysia

Hoodie Thickness

First, hoodie material totally different with normal t-shirt. This is commissioned job for Secondary School Graduation Day used. A group of students need to wear hoodie for dance performance on stage. White screen print on dark hoodie, required more step than normal. After all done, need to be cured. All hoodie are using water based ink here. Silkscreen Malaysia, some how there are a black spot there. You got to careful when look for professional screen print services. Some always say "Can...can...can..." At the end, turn up something. I really don't know why Malaysian people like that. Me so call Malaysian too. Feel insulting the way treating people.


Screen Print早期名称。中文也有不同,台湾翻译“绢印”。中国翻译“丝印”。特别吧。在似颜绘,看见黑色地带。在绢印,也看见黑色地带。天呀。

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