Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Caricature Drawing & Painting For Shell Group Malaysia By Caricature Artist - Triton Lim

Gift Caricature Shell Malaysia

This is A2 size hand drawing, with water coloring, on water color paper. One produce only. Thanks to the Shell Malaysia again. This is actually gift caricature for one of the group in Shell company. A team of group member. Total 31 person in the artwork. The center one, is the boss. Gift for the boss, bring back to the country. Hope this artwork safe fly to home.

Hand Draw Caricature

Hand drawn vs Digital drawn, which one better? Errmm... for me both I like it. Hand drawn you can see the trace line or some eraser trace on the paper. You will spot the water color in different layer. Feel nature. The paper is cotton sheet. Yeah, hand drawn at all. Digital drawn caricature (Digital Caricature Malaysia), more modern look, more smooth on color part. Somehow digital print is limited to A3. Hand draw is no limited at any size. So there is pro and cons. This all experienced by Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist.

作品后的拍照 vs 亲眼看见的感觉


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