Saturday, June 2, 2018

Moment At New Day Yaaa..

Wishing Best On You

With the great memory, still remember until today.
Happy to have you Uniposca.
Birth of the day finding you is not easy in Malaysia.
To me, I cry searching you anywhere.
"Mian" Korean Mee, draw with Uniposca. Finally come in. Even though I facing rough road here first time I found out you.

Fight keep fight

People knowing each other is not easy. But we don't keep away from each others with no specific reason. We hold we cheer we true in ours self. Fight for each day, fight for getting better each time here. Secret project go under desk now.

从不诉说、指着,也不会因此而放弃。一个愿、一颗祝福、如手中的“面” 嫡出简简单单的画面。永远记住热烘烘的样子。希望一切好起来。

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