Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Screen Print "Save Rhino T-shirt" Manual Hand-pulled At Home By Triton Lim - Screenprint Artist Malaysia

Idea by Screen Printer Malaysia - Triton Lim

Screen print on dark garment with water based ink, it got to pull few time, then only it will look white enough. Majority water based ink currently. Anyway, the 1st collection of Triton Lim, Screen Printer Malaysia, already released. If you would like take it to your store merchandise, kindly contact us.

I wish I could have an front line experience with Rhino. Somehow it is so sad watching the news about Rhino almost gone in earth. What we are people doing this? What we are...

Silkscreen或是Screen Print

我觉得都可以,本地多数人认识silkscreen。但其实screen print为早期名称。故以选择screen print来作为内容的名词。挺亲切的。绢印在黑色布料,会比一般白衣来得多工,颜料也不一样质料。

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