Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Stabilo Malaysia

Thank you Stabilo Malaysia having me for the live digital caricature events in your booth counter promotion. Great experience in Popular Book Fair here KLCC Convention Center. Great friend I met here. They are smart college students. They are great event organizer/staffs. They are end users who support Stabilo products. And who happy with my digital caricature drawings. Thank you all. And never forget my 1st mentor here, Jon Casey. And never forget my wife who stand behind me. Thank you.

Great event combine with stabilo smartball pen technology on Ipad. Great attraction to end user/public who love to explore more stabilo products here. Most of the crowd, they love to spend certain amount to get the live digital caricature on spot. This is awesome attraction. Products publication hit, awareness products hit, and interaction in between stabilo with end users hit too. Wonderful.

What is the difference live digital and live traditional? Totally awesome technology with instant color print. Solve the traditional hand coloring problem. And it is combination technology skills, technology equipment and drawing skills you must have in live digital. One of the cool thing in digital drawing, "UNDO". No need any eraser here. Haha... Super cool. What you see from the screen is what you get in output.

感恩Stabilo公司。几个月来的联系,最终完成这次不简单任务。应该说在这一届的popular书展里,唯一一间文具公司使用高科技的活动,数码识颜绘,live digital caricature artist Malaysia by Triton Lim Artist。这样的活动,促使更多大众了解到stabilo的产品。也非常感恩这次的event organizer,厚待我们这些工作人员。同时请了我们吃日本餐。谢谢你。

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