Friday, August 7, 2015

Live Body Paint-Triton Lim Artist

When the time is come, everything will change. Dramatic change. You can't even think about it so much. You have to make a change. Must.

Live body paint in Malaysia, I don't think there are many professional artist doing this too. Mostly face painting. Doing something extraordinary in life, is been a part of my exploration. It take a lot of time to study. It take a lot time to get this tools in Malaysia. Generally people can't understand this easily.
It's an art. This is not a normal face painting. Totally come with artist style. Fun, humor, and temporary tattoo experience for you.

科技发展迅速,除了本身已经正式开起 live digital caricature Malaysia 路线,同时还要兼顾很多。希望样样能兼顾到恰当。

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