Friday, August 21, 2015

Birthday Party at Stoked Restaurant Bar KL

Kind a surprise. When a client's friend from my past event, contact me for a live caricature in hers daughter birthday party in Stoked Restaurant Bar KL. And I met an another client here for 3rd time. What a consequence. Really surprise. Touching for me. But I got to concentrate during caricature, can't talk to much really. Only feel excited inside the heart.

This is kid birthday party. Where family members friends are invited to this restaurant. The crowd just right. Well decoration. Nice food. And I sit in-front of big window again for the 2nd time. Hahaha...since Fossil event is my 1st time sit in-front of big window.
Not only kid love caricature drawing. Adult also love it too. Memorable gift surprise for everyone family friends member here. The moment you get your caricature done, yours surprise is a big big compliment for me. This is the moment where photography can not get it.


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