Saturday, July 25, 2015

Farewell Gift Caricature by TritonLimArtist

95% most of my commission order come from internet inquiry. 90% conversation through email. 90% online payment success. 95% client prefer this way rather than asking over the phone. 95% people browsing details & requirement through my blog here before order. Only 5% people still live in dinosaur world.

This is the hand drawing caricature. A present to a team member who are going to leave. Kind a warm, when a team member received a present gift on the last day. You should have this to your staffs. Once of a life. Rather than nothing. Rather than just normal party. This showing love of a company to worker. Far beyond than just appreciation certification.

Only one piece produced from Triton Lim Artist, Caricature Artist Malaysia. And this is the master piece. Truly 100% hand drawing. Priceless. I'm glad to draw a gift caricature to your team member. Great to know you as well.

对于smartphone科技发达,人类在寻找知讯使用变得懒散。所以某些顾客群,总是懒惰地说,可以call back我吗,我有事要直接问你。我的确不会这样做。我不要在作画时受到任何情绪干扰。二来、我的blog注明到很清楚详情了。唯一你得动动手指头去网业浏览。可以看得出,有心人,是没借口的。

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