Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ogawa Caricature Tebrau City

Thank you Ogawa Malaysia. Thank you Venus from CLM. Thank you having me for Ogawa live caricature in Aeon Tebrau City Johor. Second time work with Ogawa since after first time live caricature with Ogawa Mid Valley.

This is really long trip from KL to JB. 4 hours trip. Travel there early in the morning. Coming back to KL late of the night. Terrible tired. Physical and mental tired too. Wish you can come along with me.
JB Aeon market full of crowd. Counter not many staff. Same situation in KL too. JB people is different with KL too. The culture of caricature seem slow here. Not many people knowing this is called caricature. Most of JB people feel a bit shy too. There is a differences State culture in between JB and KL.


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