Sunday, May 4, 2014

Memory Sketch at The Curve

Memory sketch at McDonald's, The Curve.
Practice practice practice, make perfect. This is practice day. No rules. No limit. Nothing you can't do. Free yourself. Free your mind. To find yourself. Let go all the annoyance. Free yourself. Like water. Water fall from waterfall to the river. River to sea. Sea to Ocean. Ocean to steam. Steam to cloud. Cloud to rain. Yes, free yourself. Soft like water.

Having some new pen tool, Pentel brush.
It was nice. Nice nib brush. Soft. More like a Chinese calligraphy brush. Never try never know. Go ahead. You will find something pretty in the stroke. It is imported pen. Actually those pen really hard to find in art shop. Malaysia art shop or dealer, always think that, particular product if no demand, never bring in for sell. My question is, how you people so expert about art suddenly, how and what make you take this decision to stop selling this product in Malaysia? Are you an profession artist? Or just a ordinary staff?

Sitting in the corner, having McChicken, meantime sketching.
How to sketch, depends on your observation, memory, technique and mindset. It's all come with patient. Try and try. Never give up. Yeah, somehow, there are some curious people take a peep, don't bother them. Just concentrate your sketching. Don't let them blow you up. Yes, memory sketch give you "CONCENTRATION". This will make you concentrate in real event. This is how to train yourself.


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