Thursday, May 1, 2014

Live Caricature in Focus Point Promotion KLCC

Thanks you FOCUS POINT Malaysia.
Thanks having me here for live caricatures. This is Eye Care Carnival day by Focus Point Malaysia, held in KLCC. My last job in KLCC here was worked with KOSE.

What's so good about using EASEL STAND?
If you can see the photo above, actually is empty space. No table. Only 3 chairs. And my easel stand. So Focus Point, no need headache about having certain set up for me. I can fix in myself with my usual tools. That's cool, right? This is what I want to do for the client who book me. Less worry. Less money to spend for rent any set up for me. Some more easel stand is special design for artist uses. Classic. And so on...

I love the Iraq lady below.
She smiling bright. Like Angles. She have different shape of face. Different with local people. She smile until I finish draw. I like her. She like my caricature. We took photo. What a great memory. What a great moment. This is something photo shooting never can give you. Believe me.

很高兴,逐渐有知名度凭牌公司,都乐意和我合作,为他们搞了一场又一场的活动。谢谢Focus Point。谢谢你们。

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