Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Caricature Workshop - Day 2

Learning from the profession, is the key of learning yourself.
First day workshop was in my place. Second day workshop a bit stuff, lot of hand drawing needed at outdoor. Sketching. Memory sketching. Early in the morning, practice and learning from master. This is the time you have to face with your own inner. What inside thinking will reflect what you sketch what you see. Headache, frustrate, no idea and so on something that's inside you, will pop out. Yes. This is what you have to face. This is only way you create your own drawing style. Your own cat walk. Your own dressing style.

Short workshop only provide you basic drawing skill to better understand basic caricature.

Those who do not have any figure drawing basic, are not recommended. You are encourage to take part for the real workshop. Suitable for those who have 0 basic drawing skill. Among crowd walking pass, how you memories so much people to draw? Skill, determination, passion, focus, fast, sketch, all you have to train. Not only one day. But keep continuing.

Student artwork during that day for memory sketching. One day hard work, will not bring you any gold metal. Learn and practice whole journey, will make you perfect skill. Outdoor sketching. Get real people draw. Keep your mind sharp. Think fast. Memorize fast. I don't like people get "COPY CAT". "COPY CAT" do not bring you any benefit. My workshop don't allow this culture happen. Encourage students always have own "Style".


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