Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Birthday Party at Kid's E World, The Gardens Mall

Thanks having me for your daughters birthday party.
Kids always shy at first. But later on, more and more kids come to draw, it's seem interesting for them. I come early always to set up my easel stand and so on. You can see the photo below, decoration begin. And the birthday cake awesome. Outstanding. Lightning McQueen birthday cake. And Cinderella birthday cake.

View my paper template created for this birthday party event.
Boys choose McQueen. Girls choose Cinderella. It's fun. It's Q. Children happy. I'm happy with those have a great family background too. I'm admired those family can having a such birthday party. All guests family friends invited to this party. Anyway, my last birthday party event job was in Sunway Hartamas.

I love the India girl. She pretty too. With nice smiling. I love her.
See, they are laughing with the caricatures I drew. They smile pretty. It's real. When they grew up, this caricature art work pieces are very meaningful for them.

多次birthday party event后,都有同感,嗯,觉得好羡慕,有这样的背景家庭。

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