Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memory Sketching Mid Valley

Memory sketching at Mid Valley. Each time different face appeared.
I using 2 type of pen. One is Pentel. One is Pilot. Totally different feel. As you know, not many art shop Malaysia intend to bring in others profession brush pen. Because, just due to theirs own reason "BECAUSE"... So they said no market. In fact they don't know really understand the useful of some good brush pen. They don't know how to make business. Some how I totally fade out with them. Such a big company but doing such a little work.

Memory sketching give you the best practical practice. To develop own personal dressing style. Your own "CATWALK" way. In Malaysia art college, who care about this "live sketching"?? Who care about own personal stylish, dressing, personalities? Being COPY CAT no good at all. But how many people care? If you take a step make change, you will the different.

Photo below showing 2 different type of brush pen. Come out with 2 different feel. Choosing a right brush pen is a main key showing your artwork more personalize.


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