Thursday, May 8, 2014

Caricature Workshop - Day 1

Caricature workshop on.
I believe not many profession caricature classes conducted in Malaysia. But, anyway, my classes on all the time. For those who are really like to learn and master caricature. Classes held in my place, can accommodate up to 8 students.

This is 2 days caricature workshop.
Conducted by me. 4 hours per day. First day in my place. Second day workshop at outdoor. This 2 days caricature workshop give you mind free, foundation drawing caricature and build on your drawing style. This workshop suitable for those eager for knowledge and want to learn fast in short time.

*Always remember, perfect always come from practice.

One is drew by student. One is mine, showing student the simple technique.
So student can compare and understand which part got to improve. Yes, a lot hard work to learn. It's not hard and it's not easy. Persistence and passion needed to complete a caricature drawing.

轻松而能掌握caricature的根基。 适合求知急切者。适合自学后,自用于画礼送人。或自用于乐趣上。谨记,一定的水准,是需要不断地练习的。

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