Friday, March 30, 2012

Art for Grabs in Annexe Gallery

First time joining this Art for Grabs. Purpose for publicity of myself, caricatures.
I think this place not suitable for art/illustration person. Lot of the vendors here, all handmade item. Booth space small. Not enough lighting. The environment not clean. Group of people hang out in corridor and smoke. "If I'm visitor, I definitely wouldn't visit in"

Something happen before I really want to come here.
As usual, we online purchase something. After payment, sure must have confirmation slip. Same like we purchase cinema ticket online, after payment, sure have confirmation slip stated you are paid and your seat number is XX in what time movie started. But art for grabs person in charge here, he mad in different way without pointing finger on you. This is worst. I hate this kind of person.

After I made payment. I try to ask is it you received my payment. Is it I'm been confirmed in? Below is the email content after that.
"I did not send out confirmation, the vendor should be steady enough after they make the payment and chose the lot number. what so troublesome is some vendor who seem panic and unconfidence, they call, SMS, email at the same time with the same question and confuse me if I m talking to the same person."

These 2 day I totally feel not good. I don't want look at them at all.
For my publicity, got to hang until the end. At least I'm let public know here, this happened.

Reactions of public. A group of LimKokWing students snap picture of my caricature artwork. A women like my caricatures very much. She having picture with 2 little girl in my place. Wonderful.

I met a friend back here after almost 10 years from University life. Ashly Nandong, he want to be artist now. Great. I met Janet too. She is great singer. Great to know you too. Nice to know some others vendors here too, Niki, Pupurin...

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