Sunday, March 4, 2012

CepatWawasan Annual Dinner II

Steven: (Proprietor of OMNI Engineering/ Photographer)
Thanks Triton Lim for his beautiful chubby Caricature of me. Really appreciate.

Drawing 50++ pieces caricature for Cepat Group people.
Senior Admin Manager of Cepat so kind. He take care so well about theirs staffs.
After Sabah trip travel, he want me to draw another group of people.
This is the best company really take care to theirs staffs. Good.
So to all Cepat people I draw, if you read my blog here, please frame it nicely. ok?

I making the box with few layer protector inside. 3kg ++.
Me in flu during that time, you can see my face sick.
Ours kind of job, if sick still need to work. No medical claims. No insurances claims.
Some more weekend/ public holiday still need work. No overtime allowance.
That's why I so charge "SO MUCH" in my work.
In fact, not really much. hey...hey...

All my original artwork have to delivery to Sabah. Sure must take care well.
I using DHL courier services. Very good. Second day already delivery to Sabah.
It's expensive. Insurance. Safe. Secure. Fast. Tracking system some more.

Part I: CepatWawasan Annual Dinner, Sabah

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