Sunday, March 11, 2012

Words from Majorie, The Star

Majorie (Chief Reporter, Features Central, The Star):
People want to look good and in a portraiture, the common plea is, ‘Please draw me nicely’. But in a caricature, you have to accept the comic depiction of you as the artist sees it. I had mixed feelings of by my first caricature by Triton. Several inspections later, I felt satisfied. Triton is a true artist. Amazing! He captures the essence of a person to a T including the quirks. He must exaggerate in his caricature to poke fun and inject humour. I smile whenever I look at my caricature. Life should not be so serious!

Thanks Majorie.
I drew her caricature during Clinique product launching.
After half a year, I met her back at The Star Valentine event. What a coincidence.
We start talk, and she still loving the caricature I drew for her. Thanks Majorie.
And these are the words from Majorie above, about what she felt about me.

I hope can meet more people like her.

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