Thursday, March 8, 2012

Calendar 2012 Dragon

"Yeah, a bit late for this year calendar~"
Anyway, at least came out the whole new calendar 2012, by Triton Lim.
From etsy world, they do like simple calendar. All consider handmade.
That's why I come out this calendar concept.
No Wire-O. No art board stand. You can clip on anywhere.
Got Chinese date and Malay date.
A4 size. Ivory 230gsm. 12 pieces.
Selling price=RM45. Postage=RM12.

"Due no many quantity demand, printing cost already high."
"Anyway, bring to you here, calendar by Triton."

I love dragons so much. And I find out Chinese dragons have many types. And have 9 son also. Wow, each dragon come with different story. Cool~

Guys, you can come to here, TritonLim etsy shop, to purchase my others artwork item.
For those who do not have etsy account, you can purchase direct with me. Email me.

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