Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Live Caricatures Bangsar Village

Thanks to Bangsar once again.
A part live caricatures in Bangsar, I'm doing charity as well too.
This year I been support two party for charity. One is Pet Project.
"I want people/corporate donate me also!!!"
"Yeah, I should come out something, so people/corporate would really sponsor/donate me for my caricatures projects."

Setting up the mini kiosk here. 10 days in Bangsar. Only for weekend.
"I worry so much about my artwork during I'm not around here~"

People here very happy to see this kind of caricatures.
Compare with last year, totally new faces I haven't meet before.
Anyway, at least kind a explore for them to get knowing about caricatures.

I love this 2 little girl. They are sweet.
I love these couple here too. Sweet...sweet...
What a sweet memory for them get a caricatures draw by Triton Lim.

Last day pick up everything.
"Yeah~unscrew everything! Clean up everything!"
See you next time guys in Bangsar Village again.

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