Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fuyoh, Publika

Caricatures in Fuyoh art bazaar Publika, Mont Kiara.
Thanks to Mamasan first of all. Great to know you too.
This is the great place. Clean. Nice environment.
With new Art row opening, cycling program every Sunday, make more people come to visiting.
I love this place. No sun exposure. No strong wing. My artwork pieces all safe.

Public reactions spotted my caricatures. Ha..ha...
I'm joining Fuyoh is part of my publicity. Let public know about caricatures.
Yeah a bit tired each time I in bazaar, but that's worth.
If you are caricature artist out there, please try stand out. Make the Malaysia caricatures culture different. I been try to contact some of them for meet up. Until now, all don't want come out. "So sad~"

Lovely people with my caricatures.
Remember, frame it up. It's worth. Priceless. Memorable. Don't just keep it right that, yeah.
And Thanks for those who loving my caricatures too. You can drop me comment in my Facebook page or even blogspot here.

*Other pictures can look for here.

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