Friday, August 26, 2011

Triton Lim become PR

First time be in an official launch for "Ready.JetSet.Wed ROM Package"
Ecoba is a nice place, green environment.
Good for wedding ceremony.

Deco, cake and whole team Vendor member, will giving you a sweeties wedding ROM memories.
Happiness in Progress,
Perhaps Life Moments by Kurt Ahs,
My Patisserie,
Favors Essence,
The Muse Hair.

My PR skill begin. Have a conversation with Wedding Malaysia.
The Muse owner and some others people there.
Some one asking me, "Are you the organizer here?"
I laughing, "Do I look like...?"

Doing PR not easy. But for purpose growing up the business, got to do so.
Meanwhile knowing them in person. Meanwhile introducing my caricature profession to them is a new thing.
A lots hard work to push out the idea caricature in wedding.
Why I do so? "Bring up the level caricature in Malaysia".
More artist in caricature industry, more stronger we are in future...

Anyway, I must say thanks to Linda, owner of Happiness in Progress.
& Lim, Classic Vintage Car Rental owner.
Giving me opportunity 2 this event function. Thanks.

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