Monday, August 22, 2011

Kronenbourg 1664 Live Caricatures

Thanks Brandthinkasia. Thanks Carlsberg. Thanks Kronenbourg 1664. It is Kronenbourg 1664 Media Appreciation Night at The Library, Mid Valley. The crowd started at 6pm. As you can see, my place at the corner is ready to roll on.

Lovely guys with the lovely caricatures. Hey guys, sorry if I can't make it 100% too you. Not enough light for me to see your face. And the paper thickness is not thick as I use normally. I'm a kind people who care about the small particular thing.

I want to thanks Dustyhawk :: Broken Mirror, Michael Yip and Kee for theirs photo sharing. Here was the situation how I worked. You only can see my back, I'm so sorry. Guys, frame it up the caricatures I draw for you. It's priceless. Worth for collectable.

当天光线黑暗,灯光不足,地板摇晃,音乐吵杂等等。这些都是live caricatures必须顾虑的范围之内。什么让我持续下去呢,就是自己家,就算她不太明白我做的,就算她一直泼冷水。我都得忍。希望日后一天她能感受到明白到。

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