Friday, August 5, 2011

Clinelle, Hotel Maya

Thanks Brandthinkasia. Thanks Clinelle too.

Media event for the Clinelle Brightening Serum lauching.
And thanks Clinelle photo sharing too.
If not, I don't know how i'm look like on that day.
I even don't know what actually going on inside the media room.
Because i only focus on my caricatures drawing for the guests on that day until to the end.

Some of the lovely guests and my caricatures.
95% again is women lady in this media event.
And nice to know you guys too.

This is really really private function I haven't had before. After Shu Uemura project.
Lot of guests loving my caricatures. "It's Q."
Again, I believe caricatures art in Malaysia will be difference one day.
A lot a lot of people will know this is called Caricatures one day too.

Another post about Clinelle, you can visit here.

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