Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Review

Thanks to those who giving me an opportunity to co-operate with you in 2013.
Thanks and grateful. My 2012 review is here.
Obviously in 2013 is the tough year for me. The whole year sales decrease.
I don't know why and what reason. It was tough.
The happy moment in 2013, is...
I'm felt grateful, the third co-operation with Sulwhasoo Malaysia within a year.
The great thing can know A person well with pleasure.
Some client come back to me for second and third inquiry order. Thanks and grateful.
Internal strength for live caricature drawing skill increase.
Enlightened my self in some mind and some way.

This year I push myself a lot to hand painted artwork a lot.
Hand painted mug, canvas bag, T-shirt, acrylic, water coloring...
I found that original hand painted more value, more felling...
All this hand painted artwork, involved raw material, from color to paper...
Even though got computer, I prefer more on original hand painting.

The unhappy moment in 2013 is...
I get sick, terrible sick...
My studio in shop was moving back to home...
Someone using my online source for his own goods...

I wish in 2014, I can do some thing different. Something I had never been try.
Look back all these 3 years, definitely live caricature got a session.
Some more organizers have different multiple choice now.
High price and low price can be choose.
But sad, they don't know how to choose good well caricaturist.
Government nowadays rose up everything. Make a chance must.
To unlock myself with what I hold all these years.
Why and why not. Why and why not. Knocking my head...

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