Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sulwhasoo Canvas Bag: One Utama

Canvas bag design for Sulwhasoo Malaysia.
Beside caricatures, I'm doing design as well.
As long as is in my ability scope.
When come to design part, you can request design/review/edit. Sure with proper charge.
But in my caricature, is different treat. No such thing happen for review/edit.

Sketching the One Utama building in few views.
Yes. Hand drawn. Inking then. Digitize then.
After that, turn it in to outline in Adobe Illustrator.
And put some color. Making the outline is the tricky part.
Anyway, grateful and thanks to Sulwhasoo giving me opportunity to complete this tasks.

Final design sent to factory to output the canvas bag.
People get free canvas bag during the One Utama Sulwhasoo counter opening that day.
I'm there too for live caricatures.
挺好呀,canvas bag,一边公司图案,一边caricature drawing。

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