Friday, December 27, 2013

Live Caricature Wedding Dinner at Passion Road KL

Thanks Christopher having me in your wedding dinner.
Wedding dinner held in Passion Road, near KLCC.
Great place, quite private, quiet place too.

At first only needed me 2 hours for live caricature there.
After that, more and more people loving it and queuing up.
Adults and kids all loving it.
Conclusion with my experience in live caricature so far:
2 hours = medium full
3 hours = full
4 hours = very full

Thanks to groom and bride again having me. Thanks & grateful.
Having emcee, live band and photo booth may be very common in Malaysia.
But, having caricature in wedding, main key is the skills you have.
Not like simply pick one up guy who does know drawing only.
But need how to draw well in caricature.
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