Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gift for Shell Malaysia

Thanks for Shell having me.
Photo photo is the main key for online order.
To get a good caricature draw, photos help.
This is group caricature draw in one piece of A3.

Drawing is not like designing.
I want to edit here review there. No such thing happen in caricature.
It is an artistic. You got to remember. Artist is not like designing.
This will not happen in my caricature drawing.

I have to admit here, a lot of people, they don't even respect an artist here.
People intend look for cheap price. People lazy for searching references as well.
This is what happen in this century now. Even they got a good smartphone. Wi-fi. Internet.
Only the matter is important for them. They are willing to pay a full intention.
Designing和artist drawing属实两个不一样的世界的人。

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