Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Live Caricature Media Launching Crocs Malaysia

Crocs press gathering happened in Hotel Majistic KL.
Bloggers, medias gather together to preview new Crocs fashion shoes.
Nice place for having an event. Whole time my back was facing them, so I can't see anything happened.

While people coming early, and some still waiting for the event start.
I was going busy. Busy drawing caricatures of them.
People get fun while sit back and wait.
That's it, live caricatures give you not only surprise of the art pieces.
It give you a wonderful laughing moment surrounding.

There was a pianist beside me. His old. But still energy.
All the time I was drawing. He play lot of music song.
My heart beat high beat low while the pianist play hit high notes low notes music song.


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