Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tokio Marine Insurance Malaysia

First time ever in Insurance event

Thank you for having me in your event program. First time ever Life Insurance Company Malaysia (Tokio Marine Insurance Malaysia) having Triton Lim Artist (Caricature Artist Malaysia) for live digital caricatures. I'm so touch with the company having such good care to the employee.

Live digital caricatures make surprise

This is good to have transformation from live caricature traditional to live digital caricatures. Everyone does surprise. How Triton Lim Artist turn a people face on tablet surface. Yes, it does need specific skills and talents. And huge investment too.

Air print with no wiring

While live digital caricatures, make everything easy and easy. No such heavy equipment need to bring along with. Everything tiny and compact. But have to extremely careful. Because tool equipment itself costly. After finish drawn one, straight away print it out with Air-Print features.


公司让自己员工有个难忘的时光,最好不过。感恩被特邀到Tokio Marine Insurance Malaysia进行数码似颜绘。时代进步,本行也得跟着时代进步。数码科技,很快又出新的科技来代替旧产品,非常快,也很可怕。

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