Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kids Birthday Party

First Malay client ever in caricatures booking

Thank you the owner/client, appreciate so much. I believe we as Malaysian we know what happened to ours country caused tearing so many part in races issues. I believe a lot of citizen know what is going on in ours homeland. We know we have to make the right decision.

Respect and respect

Due client's event is privacy. We have to respect. What can show and what can't show to the public. Respect and respect. This is private kids birthday party, held in Red Box Karaoke, The Gardens Mid Valley. We managed to make it happened, all Malay guests are surprise what I drew. Different from the difference.

As what I can see now, 90% local caricaturist are from Malays. 10% are Chinese. 98% caricaturist doing the old traditional method handling caricature event booking cases. We have to change. Make brighter future. This is what Triton Lim Artist, Caricature Artist Malaysia believe.



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