Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Children’s House Kindergarten Sri Hartamas

Going back to childhood

Thank you The Children's House Kindergarten for second time invited me to your new branch opening. Great honor to present live digital caricatures for your guests. The first time opening event was at Cyberjaya.

Exploring surrounding

This is nice place. Piece. Far away from busy city. The area is big. Children love big space. I love this green little space at the corner here. There are more space at the upper level. Kinda cool for kid running here and there.

The moment a kid standing behind me

While I preparing setup everything. A kid standing behind me, wondering what am I doing here. "Ha..ha..." He is good. Standing quite.

Live digital caricature begin

When everything ready, kid parents start to sit down and get caricature drawn. This is a unique moment to get drawn while small. Some of them good in pose. Some is good in smiling. Some of them are from India, Japan, Korea, and local. The output is small, but it having a lot memorable memory at that moment.



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