Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Gift Caricature to Menara Maxis KLCC

Thanks A.T. Kearney for the 2nd time having me again drawing caricature for you. This gift caricature is fly to Indonesia. Remember Google search "Caricature Artist Malaysia" or "Triton Lim Artist" is easy for you to looking caricature artist Malaysia.

Time by time, you got to learn something new. Add something new elements inside caricature. This is call self-improvement. Additional bonus to client too. Because client always knew. Calligraphy. Original copy. Only once. Hand drawing. Yeap, no more 2nd piece produced.
No matter what in what order, I always ask for deposit. Since 4 years ago. I did this same. In order to keep you draw in peace. Even though the gift caricature only cost few hundred. But this is our job our responsibility our way to take caricature order.


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