Sunday, November 10, 2013

Piss Off Thief!!!

Unbelievable when someone stealing your stuff.
Hate! Hate this kind of person!!
He even crop out my watermark copyright symbol. And used on his own goods.
Using my price chart even. Add more higher than my price.
He even don't know what is my material for canvas print. The thief just steal!!
That's why I only meet those who are sincere, true and respect art/artist only.

Below is the comments from all caricaturist in other countries. We all angry.
We work hard to earn money by ours own hand. Little by little.
You took easy and used for your own goods.
Not such things. This is not proper-act.
Even apologize on your website there. No use. This is wrong.



  1. Looks like he took it all down. There is no examples art on that site anywhere now. I haven't had anything stolen to my knowledge so far but I see it happen lots. Good job you have an active community that made him take it all down.


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