Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hand Painting Mug for Fonterra

A gift to a Fonterra staff.
Hand painting on mug. Adorable. Gift for wedding couple as well. Or even good friend of you.
I been spend quite some time, before really head in to hand painting mug.
To study. Study material. Study drawing. To produced the good one.
Searching the blank mug. Searching the empty box. Searching the brush...

The color are permanent once baked. Resistant to dish-washing after baking too.
It took me one whole day to finish. Second day only can start for bake.
Totally it take a lot of time to finish one mug.

It totally different feel with the one using heat transfer method.
Hand painting on mug, give you more realistic. More valuable.
Which heat transfer mode can't offer you.


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