Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Polo Shirt for Boss

A Polo shirt for hers boss.
That's great. Great having me. Great challenging as well.
He came along the way from Banting to pick the Polo. Salute.
Previous shirt's job orders can preview here, Lydia Shum t-shirt, Grandma birthday t-shirt, Giodarnno custom make polo shirt...

Customize with minimum quantity. No many keen to do this kind of business.
Low demand. Higher cost. Some more have to look for good production and good man power.
If not. Things came out spoil.

Some people count it so well in budget. Some people count by heart.
Is it worth to present a gift like that? Depend on each person.
Open your mind always. You will find the light and path, about gift for a special one.


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