Monday, November 18, 2013

Gift for Nestle

Thanks PURINA PetCare having me.
After Measat gift. This is the second pieces of 20++ person in the artwork.
Unique A2 size caricature gift for the boss and all the staff in the department there.

You can see how many level of Nestle they own. Wow.
Each person group in one piece of drawing paper. More challenging and more fun.
How to mix people in. How to arrange those people in.
Each people can give each signification directly.
Only one piece in the world. Can you tell that how priceless is it.

She is the lady at the center bottom.
Photo given totally different with her, real person.
That's why I always need recent, high resolution and few angle of faces/posture photo for caricature drawing. What you given me, will come out what is the look like.


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